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Spooky Fabric Garland

Spooky Fabric Garland

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Add some quirky decoration to your home this season. These fabric garlands are hand printed with local animals on 100% cotton fabric. Each print has been hand carved in a linoleum block. Animals on your garland may include: Eastern Red Bat, Luna Moth, American Crow, Cicada, Rough Green Snake, House Mouse, Barred Owl or Dog Bane Beetle.  Fabrics are coordinating selection of patterned oranges and dusty purples.  Each Garland includes 6 flags and is approximately 2.5 yards long.  Twill tape has loops for hanging on each end.


100% Cotton Fabric, 100% Cotton Twill Tape, Polyester Thread, Water Soluble Fabric Block Printing Ink


Six Flags, approximately 9 inches by 2.5 yards

Care Instructions

Spot clean as needed. Line Dry. Warm iron as needed.

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Hi! I'm Anna.

(and this is Max). I’m the artist and maker behind Little Dog Print Shop. I love all things crafty and creative. When I’m not sewing, printing, drawing or painting, you can find me swimming in the nearest body of water or taking slow walks around the neighborhood with Max. I’m also a nurse, triathlete, novice gardener and ice cream connoisseur. Thanks for shopping with us!

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