100 Plants and Animals in My Backyard

100 Plants and Animals in My Backyard

In the spring of 2021 I moved from an apartment near downtown to a house just outside the city (literally...my neighbors are within the city limits i.e free trash pick up and I pay a private company to pick up my trash because I live in the county. HA!).  My favorite part about the new house is the little pond right outside the back door.  It feels like my own private oasis. 

American Crow

When I moved to the house by the pond I was immediately struck by how much wildlife I saw everyday.  It is just a few miles from my old apartment but feels like a different world.  The pond attracts such a wide array of animals.  I started making a list of all the different plants and animals I saw the first week I moved in.  I thought I would do some sort of art project with the list of animals but never tackled it for over a year. I had always wanted to do a "100 day" project where you set a goal to do some sort of project everyday for 100 days but realistically knew I would never stay on top up of it. 

Barred Owl

Then, when Little Dog Print Shop was reincarnated in July of 2022, I decided to use my list as a jumping off point.  I would cut a linoleum block of all the plants and animals I have seen in my backyard. All of the prints I have created so far are animals and plants local to the Piedmont of North Carolina. I love where I live and I love having a collection that is representative of that. So far, I've carved about 4 prints a month and have a collection of 22 block prints.  That means I will finish my goal of 100 in 20 months! 

Great Blue Skimmer

I'm not sure if I'll stick with the plan for that long, but it is fun to have a goal to work towards and nice to have a long list of inspiration for Little Dog Print Shop.  Follow my journey on instagram #100plantsandanimalsinmybackyard. 

Eastern Red Bat
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